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Pop-up Art Walk at Romo, ADAC

This year Romo hosted its first designer-artist showcase, a Pop-up Art Walk held at its Atlanta showroom at ADAC—Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. SNC Interiors had the honor of being featured, among other talented local designers and artists. Sandrine showcased several original paintings, including those from her Callanwolde and Feuillage series.

Romo is the founding brand of The Romo Group, renowned for its library of classic and contemporary British designs. Romo has continued to grow since its founding in the 80s and is now a market leader in designer fabrics and wallcoverings.

We're constantly inspired by Romo's elegant, yet unexpected, patterns, prints, and designs—bringing unique colors and textures to life through various collections.

Sandrine creates custom paintings—either individually commissioned or as the finishing touch to tie together her interior design projects—to reflect the distinct style of her clients.

To view additional artwork and painting, visit her Artwork page.


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